Natural Archery

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front pageBow making to me is an art even if sometimes i wish it wasn’t

Bows made of natural materials , even the glues used or the strings that make them shoot.

Love for the wood, Exploring bow shapes, theoretic thinking, trying to understand as much and as deep as I can. This blog will contain some pieces of my bow making and Bow thinking as well as some new experiences in instruments, crafts and art.

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Izzie- reflex deflex

1 nock arc recurbat

Very light- 280g with string, deep recurves with string contact    (mai multe poze si descriere in romana la read more)

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Linen Strings for Bows



I like natural stuff. From the beginning i was searching for a good

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Bartho – one for all

Arc recurbat din salcam - forma
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A version of the hungarian bow(laminated layers of wood)- Janos


Holz Laminierter Hungarischer Bogen - Form

rest of the pictures are at the bottom.

What i like about these bows

When i started building bows again. It was these bows I dreamed about. The traditional hungarian and hun bows were probably very present in my region. I’m sure they were shot by many of my ancestors as Transilvania has been, and still is a mix of people and influences.

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For more drawings

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